The Central Board of Assessment Appeals (CBAA) will be celebrating its 43rd Anniversary on June 7, 2017. The highlight of the event is the launching of the newly promulgated “2016 Consolidated and Revised Rules of Procedure before the Local Boards of Assessment Appeals and the Central Board of Assessment Appeals”. The anniversary celebration will be held at the Ayuntamiento Building, Intramuros, Manila.

Gracing the occasion will be officials and employees of CBAA, guests from Department of Finance and selected DOF attached agencies, and Local Boards of Assessment Appeals (LBAAs) from different cities in Metro Manila.

Aside from marking the 43 years of CBAA’s existence, the celebration aims to promote and build cohesiveness and institutional ties with the Department of Finance, while underscoring CBAA’s role as a quasi-judicial appellate board mandated to decide cases on appeal from decisions of the LBAAs pertaining to assessment and/or collection of real property taxes. This year’s theme is “Energizing the Drive of CBAA and LBAAs towards Equitable and Progressive Taxation in this Time of Change.”