The Central Board of Assessment Appeals (CBAA) together with the parties, counsels and/or authorized representatives of the case and Philippine International Convention Center`s (PICC) officers and technical staff conducted an ocular inspection of the PICC Complex located at Pasay City, Metro Manila last February 20, 2019.

The Ocular Inspection is in connection with CBAA Case No. L-138-2017 entitled “Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Petitioner-Appellant vs. The Local Board of Tax Assessment Appeals of the City of Pasay (LBTAA), Appellee and Hon. Fernando M. Fandiño, in his capacity as City Assessor, Pasay City, Respondent-Appellee”.The properties subject of the case are land, buildings and machinery.

By virtue of Republic Act No. 7653 (The New Central Bank Act), certain assets of the then Central Bank of the Philippines, including the subject properties, were transferred to BSP. The appeal of Petitioner-Appellant BSP originated from the denial of its request /application for reclassification of the subject properties, managed and administered by the PICC, Inc., from “commercial” to “special-cultural” by Respondent Fandiño. BSP filed an appeal to the LBTAA of the City of Pasay. The LBTAA of the City of Pasay denied BSP`s Appeal as well as its Motion For Reconsideration. Hence, the Appeal to CBAA.