The Conference started at around 12:20 pm with an invocation. The Chairperson, Ret. Judge Manuel D.J. Siayngco formally introduced the CBAA newly-hired employees to all.

For his welcome message, MDJS started with a brief history and current situation of the CBAA. According to the Admin Code of 1987, the CBAA is one of the attached agencies of the DOF. The CBAA is not an integral part of the DOF but an attached agency, as a creation under the Local Government Code of 1991 that took effect on January 1992. What is the DOF vision based on its mandate? How do we honor our mother agency? We honor our mother agency by not only complying with our set priorities and targets, IPCR, compliance to reportorial requirements (not only by writing) but we must have one direction, like what’s been said in our prayer that we’ve been through trials and jubilation, we have survived the 2017 in spite of the COA memorandum’s, disallowances, etc., and some internal problem – the CBAA have not undergone any divisions or major problems except on technicalities regarding the term of office in which we are currently consulting to Malacanang and DOF – but still we survived.

TAM warmly thanked MDJS and the whole CBAA family in spite of her hold-over capacity status. She’s holding on because she loves the CBAA family and the Chair. Aside from the compensation, she’s still holding on and is very committed to being in the CBAA service. She had been in the DOF for 37 years but she retired two years earlier to consider working in CBAA because there so much tension and pressure in DOF unlike in CBAA. We may have some disagreements but it did not, in any way, affect the relationship. She believe that there still the camaraderie and the love for each other in spite of disagreements. She hopes to sustain this and hopes a decision from Malacanang will be released soon regarding her request for approval of hold-over. TAM thanked again MDJS for favorably endorsing her request and the staff for their support.